Company in Difficulty (CID) Check

Quickly determine whether a company has the characteristics of a company in difficulty (CID)

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Calculation suitable for small and medium-sized (SME) autonomous enterprises. To determine the status of an SME, use the SME status check here: here

The calculations are indicative. For more detailed information, please contact consultant.

How is CID status determined?

A company in difficulty (CID) is a company that is facing financial difficulties and has lost a significant part of its equity, which may have a significant impact on its future operations and development. A CID is defined in accordance with Article 2(18) of Commission Regulation No 651/2014. section 59

Company in Difficulty (CID) Check

If a company has losses and they are greater than half of its capital (subscribed capital or book capital), the company is in difficulty. This applies to both limited liability companies (e.g. public limited companies and limited liability partnerships) and companies where at least one member has unlimited liability for the company's debts (e.g. general and limited partnerships)

If the applicant is an independent company, for CID check considers only their company data, without taking into account other related companies. If the applicant is related to other companies and consolidated accounts are available, the consolidated accounts and also assess the applicant's data separately must be assessed. Support will only be granted if none of the consolidated company data or the applicant's data meet the CID criteria

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