Advice on IT solutions and financing for business growth

Advice on IT solutions and financing for business growth

What IT solutions are possible? Should I program my own business system or buy off-the-shelf software? Is there any support programme available to finance the software? Advice on IT solutions and financing for business growth

“In cooperation with BN Systems, we have implemented several investment projects with the support of the EU funds. Always precise, always responsive.”

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It can be difficult for an entrepreneur who wants to improve the efficiency of their business to navigate the various options. Our experience allows us to identify the different solutions, taking into account the company's specifications.

  • Defining the problem. Entrepreneurs often feel that something needs to change, but it is not clear what exactly needs to change. In our first conversations, we help you get to the specific problem that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Prepare the specification. Once the problem is defined, we help you prepare a specification describing the objectives and deliverables you want the new solution to achieve. The specification is the basis for further identification of solution options.
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  • Identify the different options. Programming your own system is not always the best solution. Sometimes an off-the-shelf programme that can be adapted to your company's needs is enough. We will help you identify the different options to solve your business problems.
  • Fundraising. BN has extensive experience in attracting funding from EU funds and banking programmes. We help companies find the right source of finance to help them implement their new solutions.

Before starting to tackle business problems, it is important to understand what the problem is and what the objectives are. We will help you define the problem and the deliverables, which is an important basis for choosing the right solution.

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