IT solutions for business needs

IT solutions for business needs

Software development for business is no longer the preserve of large companies, as smaller companies also need to take advantage of all possible solutions to improve their operations and efficiency.

“BN Systems developed a software specifically for our farm. It helps us to see the production, sales and warehouse operations processes every day.”

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Valts Grasbergs

As a company grows, so does its data flow - invoicing, reporting, job tracking, copying data between different programs, etc. That's why we develop software specifically for each client's needs to help automate a variety of day-to-day processes:

  • Task tracking. To organise and track daily tasks, applications can be developed and implemented where employees use their mobile phones to record their tasks, which can then be used to calculate salaries and measure productivity.
  • Stock records. How do I know which shelf contains the item I'm looking for? How do I know who took the last item? How to avoid being out of stock or unable to fulfil orders due to lack of parts? A warehouse management programme designed for your business will help you to manage your warehouse effectively.
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  • ERP or resource management programmes. If you need to manage your warehouse operations, your job records, your customer database and other company resources, you can develop a software programme that is tailored to your company's needs. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows an organisation to plan and manage its resources in a way that gives the best return.
  • Applying ready-made solutions. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to use an off-the-shelf programme that can be tailored to your company's needs. We provide application, data migration, integration with other software and support during implementation.

Developing software for your business is a long-term investment. Every company is unique, so solutions need to be tailored to the company's specifications. In situations where off-the-shelf software cannot meet a company's needs, a tailor-made solution must be developed.

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