Support for Business Digitalization

Support for Business Digitalization

Support for digitisation of business processes is available until 31 March 2026 (or until funding is available). Total funding is €40 million.

  • A voucher of up to €5000 with 100% support is available for small and micro enterprises. The eligibility of a company as a small or micro enterprise can be determined using the SME Status Determinator.
  • For enterprises, associations, foundations, research and knowledge dissemination organisations, 30% to 60% support for investments up to EUR 100 000.

The procedure for granting aid is regulated by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 10 of 10 January 2023.(


What investments are supported?

This grant programme supports improvements in various areas, such as,

  • administrative processes (finance and accounting, administration, document management, project management, interoperability of systems, etc.),
  • HR management processes (human resource management, time management, delegation, staff appraisal and motivation),
  • sales processes (customer acquisition and deal management automation, digital marketing, customer relationship management),
  • resource management processes (resource management, energy management),
  • data management processes (data security, data storage, communication infrastructure),
  • transport and logistics processes (smart mobility solutions, traffic monitoring),
  • manufacturing and quality control processes (manufacturing and business process management and automation, quality control systems, data synchronisation, data analytics),
  • operational management processes (business management, business analytics, big data analytics),
  • strategic management processes (digitisation and innovation development strategies)
  • and other ICT product, technology, security or process related improvements.

Eligible costs include costs related to:

  • Acquisition, installation and adaptation of solutions, hardware, sensors, equipment, software and information technology infrastructure;
  • Consultancy costs for specific equipment, software, solutions and strategic business management in the field of digital transformation. However, support services cannot be used only for consultancy.
  • Recurrent software costs, which include the purchase or use of monthly, quarterly or annual licences related to the equipment. The duration of the subscription may not exceed the duration of the support programme, 30 June 2026.

Who can apply?

The support programme is open to the following types of businesses and organisations:

  • Micro, small, medium, and large entrepreneurs;
  • Social enterprises that meet the definition of a Social Enterprise;
  • Municipal or public corporations;
  • Research and knowledge dissemination organisations;
  • Associations or foundations that meet the following criteria: they bring together several members or represent their interests, are composed of at least 10 members or founding members, and have at least 5 members who have been active for at least 3 years from the date of establishment.

How to apply?

To apply for support under this programme, you will need to work with the European Digital Innovation Centre (EDIC) and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). The application process is a step-by-step process to funding:

  1. First, you have to take a 'digital maturity test' on the EDIC website. The application form here;
  2. In cooperation with EDIC, a 'digital roadmap' is developed to determine the digital maturity of the company and the necessary investments;
  3. The project is registered in the LIAA system ( and applied for support;
  4. a price survey is carried out to identify a software supplier, a contract is signed with the supplier, and the investment is made.
  5. Secondary 'digital maturity test' developed in cooperation with EDIC.
  6. Submission of documents for LIAA support payment.

Seko saitei un rezervē laiku attālinātai sarunai, lai uzzinātu vairāk par to kā varam palīdzēt jūsu uzņēmumam.

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